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Our love and passion for the sea along with a strong family tradition motivated us to create “Go Sail in Greece”. The company was established in 2010, our base is in the Olympic Marine in Lavrio. That gives us the advantage of being closer to the amazing Greek islands.

Our priority is to gain and retain trust from our guests, offering them high quality services, building resilient personal relationships providing the best holidays of your life!

Nikolaos Floros is the co-founder and CEO of “Go Sail in Greece” along with his wife Evgenia Pantazis. He has many years of experience in sailing. He decided to leave his conventional job and follow his love with the sea. He started to create exciting sailing experiences, sharing with you his passion for the exploration and discovering together the hidden gems of the blue waters in the Greek seas.
Follow us and explore the Greek islands. Close your eyes and try to feel the sun and the salty wind touching your face….

The yacht rental comes with an authorised skipper. Our Skippers are creative, experienced, smart and sea passionate driven people, technical experts, adventure seekers ready to take you safely to any small or big Greek island.

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Priceless moments in the blue waters, under the Greek sun, sailing with our luxury yacht and the most capable skippers

Go Sail in Greece

77km Athens-Sounio Av.
19500 Lavrio, Greece
+30 6940013030 Elisabeth Stromatias
+30 6984892354 Evgenia Pantazis

Go Sail in Greece

28 October str. Renti
18233 Piraeus, Greece


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