While waiting for your check in with “Boomerang”, our suggestion to spend your time pleasantly is as follows :

Discover the southernmost tip of the Attica peninsula on a tour of Cape Sounion !

Sounion is one of the most expensive areas in Greece, with the value of some homes exceeding twenty million euros. Watch the sunset over the Aegean Sea in case you decide to spend your evening in Olympic Marine, or take a morning tour to see archaeological sites from Ancient Greece, such as the Temple of Poseidon.

Εxperience the breathtaking beauty on a half-day trip since your arrival at Lavrion City. Transfer from the Olympic Marine by luxury, air-conditioned private minibus or taxi and enjoy panoramic incredible views in Cape Sounion – only 15 minutes from our Base. Admire the remains of the Temple of Poseidon.

The temple  was a venue where mariners, and also entire cities or states, could propitiate God of Sea Poseidon  by making sacrifices or leaving gifts. The temple of Poseidon was constructed in 444–440 BC, over the ruins of a temple dating from the Archaic Period. It is perched above the sea at a height of almost 60 metres (200 ft).

On the longest day of the year, the sun sets exactly in the middle of the caldera of the island of Patroklos, the extinct volcano that lies offshore, suggesting astrological significance for the siting of the temple.

Romantic poet George Lord Byron mentions Sounion in his poem Isles of Greece:

Place me on Sunium’s marbled steep,
Where nothing, save the waves and I,
May hear our mutual murmurs sweep…

You are free to stop for a swim in the aquamarine waters of the Aegean Sea. Enjoy views of the sea god’s temple as you splash in his waters! Enjoy lunch on the beach at a seafood local taverna. Feast on fresh grilled fish or traditional Greek food.

Transfer back to Olympic Marina, so that you can start your cruise.

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